We collaborate with a School Race against bullying

Last Friday, Agroponiente showed how committed they are with childhood, sponsoring and promoting the 4th ‘San Isidro School Race’, which ‘CEIP Concordia de Campohermoso’  organized, with the participation of hundreds of students from ‘CEIP La Libertad’, ‘Campo de Níjar Norte’ and Concordia School. A solidarity race, in which the slogan ‘STOP Bullying’ was the main character and all the money collected was for a non-profit organization called ‘Asperger’.

The event not only consisted on a few races, but also on a series of leisure and sport activities. The day ended  with a ceremony and a sample of products, such as ‘Bombón’ melons from Agroponiente. There was a massive participation coming from the students and the day went excellent with a supportive atmosphere.

Agroponiente wants to thank those organizations which organized the event and every person and entity that is devoted to promote sports in an educational way and try to share good values and personal growth to the schoolers. For Agroponiente, been invited to collaborate at this event has been a pleasure and a responsability.