Agroponiente grows in service

Agroponiente continues its line of growth, innovation and adaptation to the demands of the sector and, regardless its significant investments in logistics, technology and machinery, the company keep developing its project of ‘services’.

Antonio Escobar, CEO of the company said: “It’s time to invest, not only in material but also in people and processes. In Agroponiente we have this idea very clear in our minds and that is why we have been spending some of our time planning and implementing strategies related to quality, service and attention for both areas of customers and farmers”.

Following this idea, two directions plans are taking place aimed to the strengthening of the company vocation to serve the supply chain. One is focus on the procurement, for care and service to the farmer, and the other one is oriented to the customer within the commercial environment.

Both lines create joining projects such as the new corporate website, conceived and designed with those ideas of service for customers and growers, and therefore with tools and information especially for them.

To the grower…

Regarding the issue of service to the farmer, two lines have been strongly reinforced. One is the relationship between both in the field and also in the facilities of Agroponiente.

The technical and field departments are increasing their presence into the field in order to transfer those views on the development of plantations and demands of customers, information that if know by the growers provides the best answers and products reviews.

Macareno and Jose Miguel Fresneda visiting farmers Agroponiente.

Packaging and degrees of maturity and colors, as well as harvest schedules are some of the areas in which we work every day next to the farmers. Attention to farmers has been also improved in our facilities having new meeting points in our different centers, and also with the opening of new ones in Almeria and Granada so our relationship with them could be closer.

For example, Ana Martin, from our Grower Care Department in Guardias Viejas said: ‘All along the day I am in touch with the farmers, taking note of their questions and requests, and therefore, I am able to deeply know their personal situations and needs, and from their point of view provide my knowledge of the company to make things easier’.

Beyond ‘face to face’ communication, other actions have been taken such as the corporate magazine, which has increased its pages with new contents and became home delivery; a daily digital newsletter, press reports and others; social networks and other tools in which the company is actually working.

… to the client

Also in relation to customers, Agroponiente is still discovering new approaches to its commitment to service. In this sense, communication is also quite important, both for personal and collective relationships.

New self-designed stand to improve the comfort in meetings with clients.

The Commercial Department of the company has reinforced its quality control and customer satisfaction mechanisms, introducing new technologies and putting more emphasize on being in constant relation with customers.

For developing those personal relationships, Agroponiente appears in the most important international trade fairs. Its exhibition space has not stopped growing, as for example in Fruit Attraction in Madrid and Fruit Logistica in Berlin. Moreover, for this 2016 year, a new self-designed stand has been used, all to improve the comfort in meetings with clients and visibility within the tradeshow.