Agroponiente invests to improve its facilities

Agroponiente took advantage of the summer campaign for simultaneous maintenance of on the one hand their productive and commercial activity – which years ago reached the whole year, and on the other hand, the implementation of an important and ambitious process for the modernization of its facilities that had already started during the last autumn and winter months.

This plan of investment does not have its end with those mentioned remodeling in this 2015, but it will continue during the next years, reaching the company various facilities and having as its main aim to reach all segments, from storage and auxiliary infrastructures, manufacturing and calibrating machinery and access and service areas for growers and clients.

Innovation in manufacturing and calibrating machinery.

In total, this summer the made investment was around two million euros and has been focused on the improvement and modernization of some spaces of storage and logistics, the provision of new parking and reception zones for growers and clients and various lines of packaging and classification.

Regarding to packaging, Agroponiente is always working to be adapted to what the market is demanding, which during the last years have been directed towards recycling and smaller formats and sales units.

In fact, this summer new modern and automated lines with also new calipers have been introduced for cucumbers and peppers’ manufacturing.

Logistic Power

It has to be remembered that Agroponiente has a central polygon- ‘La Redonda’- in El Ejido, where its main facilities are located, with storage and commercial units in origin, a major center of manufacturing and different logistics units, and also a service station and its headquarters. To all that it has to be added another big logistic platform in Guardias Viejas, El Ejido and two more both in Campohermoso( Nìjar) and Berja ( La Alpujarra), in addition to some spared around the East and West of Almeria and the coast of Granada.

Innovation in manufacturing and calibrating machinery.

Some of those centers have been or going to be part of this modernization plan as has happened this summer in El Ejido and Níjar. During the last campaign there were also performed some improvements investments in La Redonda and Berja.

According to Agroponiente’s Financial Manager, Antonio Castillo, ‘a company as ours cannot be oblivious to the necessary modernization and innovation processes. The market has now new needs, and the product and the commercial activity demands a constant process of innovation in which the company has been always committed and now more than ever’.