Agroponiente at MacFrut Rimini, Italy

Grupo Agroponiente’s companies, Agroponiente and Vegacañada, are at the new edition of MacFrut, the most relevant agricultural fair in Italy, which is happening in the city of Rimini, between the 10th and 12th of the month of May.

This presence takes part in the new campaign by Coexphal, with seven more companies from the agricultural sector from Almeria , which will take advantage of McFrut’s potential, not just in the italian market, but also as an instrument for the exploration of other marketsplaces.

Juan López, Sales Manager of Agroponiente at the stand of Grupo Agroponiente

MacFrut is a fair with depth in the markets of North Africa and also in some countries of the east world, such as China, which we are going to receive from diverse business professionals.

A business team from Agroponiente and Vegacañada is coming to MacFrut and they are going to have their own stand inside Coexphal’s area, where they are going to promote products from Almeria, have meetings with potential clients and explore new market possibilities.

Agroponiente’s Business Manager, Manuel Martínez Daza, believes that ‘is important to be present at the main fairs of the continent, because the size of our group makes it mandatory to have a perfect knowledge about the evolution of new markets and always being on top of every possibility that we discover for our products with each campaign’.

Andrés Soler, Business and Marketing Manager of Vegacañada.

Business and Marketing Manager of Vegacañada, Andrés Soler, states that ‘companies of our group have the best quality products and services. Tematic fairs are places where we can get out the most of what we have when we are talking about promoting our new productive model. We have been coming to the main fairs of the continent for years and we have noticed new business chances, which many have been successfull. In MacFrut, we find lots of options to explore and our responsability, as a company which represents our farmers, is to be there and take advantage of every opportunity’.