Agroponiente receives several visits from international expeditions

In recent months, Agroponiente has opened the doors of its facilities to be visited by several expeditions of varying condition, but with the common bond of interest in the production, commercial and business model of the company, under different perspectives and with different interests.

Thus, from Mexico arrived an expedition from the state of Michoacán, led by the coordinator of the state government, Victor Lichtinger; and Secretary of Rural Development and Food Industry, Israel Tentory, which was received by the CEO of Agroponiente Group, Antonio Escobar.

The goal was none other than gather information about Almeria model of agricultural development, since the state of Michoacán has a natural and climatic conditions are considered suitable from the state government to develop a similar model.

Visitors from South Korea.

The visit Agroponiente toured the facilities in the industrial area La Redonda, from the packing house to the area of origin commercialization receiving the explanations of the CEO and inquiring about the details of the model of production and commercialization of Agroponiente.

Later, the visitors were a group of researchers at Kyungnam University in the city of Chagwon (South Korea), also interested in the production and business model of the company, as well as the Coexphal organization, which Agroponiente belongs, and in general the horticultural development of the province of Almeria.

The members of the expedition studied the production and marketing chain of tomato product in which they are specialists, visiting different departments of the company and talking to those responsible.

Visitors from South Korea, in Agroponiente’s auction.

South Korea also reached the last two visits, in August, specifically built by students of the specialty of Agriculture, framed in a program of knowledge and deepening of the model introduced agricultural development for decades in the province Almeria that crosses borders and is known even in Asia.

Students and tutors also toured the facilities of Agroponiente, being interested in different production processes, logistics and marketing and received technical explanations about these processes and the objectives pursued by each of them, plus on issues such as culture, storage processes and manufacturing the company and the markets with which it works Agroponiente.