German growers interested in Almeria model

The central installation of Agroponiente, in the Industrial Park of La Redonda, was the stage for the visit from a group of representatives from the Agricultural Farmers Association of Germany that are interested to know first-hand the processes and work systems of the Almerian agricultural model.

A visit that was interested in the mixed sales model that commercializes in both origin and destination, one that Agroponiente developed and more specifically, for the part that corresponds to the sale in origin, learning about how the different processes are configured.
The farmers were also accompanied by a representative of the German Agricultural Ministry and asked different questions regarding the details of the Almerian agricultural commercializing system in addition to the characteristics of our production.

German growers interested in the Almeria model and their Farmers Association visited Agroponiente´s installations.

Agroponiente Group CEO Antonio Escobar escorted the visitors on a tour throughout the company´s installations and explained the trajectory of the same, the different commercializing systems, and the products that are supplied during the season as well as the geographical scope as it pertains to the production as in the commercialization.

For Antonio Escobar, “it is important that other countries are interested in the details of our commercialization system, as it signifies we are looked at as a reference. We have geographical and climatic qualities that make us different, but the system and structure that we have developed to optimize them is what calls the attention of farmers throughout the world. We have to continue working to maximize performance under our conditions and provide the system with the necessary strengths to remain solvent and effective”.