¡Guten Morgen, Fruit Logistica!

The Agroponiente Group (Agroponiente and Vegacañada) continue their presence in the most relevant European horticultural trade shows and in this line, maintained their own stand and brought along a large salesforce to the Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

The Berlin tradeshow is the largest exposition of its kind within Europe, with 106,600 square meters and 33 pavilones to house 150. The presence of Vegacañada and Agroponiente has been, this year, relevant at all levels.

They had a stand within the area of Andalucia, next to one of the two main doors entering the tradeshow, where the activity was intense during three days: sales meetings, planning, product promotion, new market niches and new client prospect, with more than 15 professionals.

Stand of Agroponiente and Vegacañada in Fruit Logistic 2015.

CEO of the Agroponiente Group, Antonio Escobar, replied “this is a place you have to be; a thermometer of what is happening within the fresh produce sector in the world. Each year we place more importance on this aspect and destin resources to capture the maximum information available at the tradeshow, to adapt production to that which the market demands and for them to know as well what we are doing in terms of production“.

For their part, CEO of Vegacañada, Francisco Lopez Martinez, highlighted the importance of this type of event on a commercial level: “throughout the year we are in contact with a lot of clients, spread out across many European countries. However, to have them face to face, analyze results, plan for the short term, evaluate product novelties and formats and analyze services as well as receive suggestions is all very important for us“.

Stand of Agroponiente in Fruit Logistic 2015.

During the two and a half days of the tradeshow, the stand of Agroponiente and Vegacañada received close to 600 professional visitors with nearly 200 contacts and sales meetings.

Furthermore, the companies maintained an intense institutional activity, assisting in acts with the Embasador of Spain or the finalization of the campaign ´We Care, You Enjoy´ from Hortyfruta, receiving a visit from its protagonist, German actress Esther Schweins; meeting with representative from the Junta de Andalucia, Elena Vivoras; the representative from Almeria, Jose Manuel Ortiz; and the delegate from the Almerian government, Sonia Ferrer; along with other institutional representatives from the Agricultural diputation of Almeria, Oscar Liria; the mayor of Nijar, Antonio Jesus Rodriquez; and agricultural alderman from El Ejido, Manuel Gomez.

All of this along with taking note of the specific market tendencies displayed in Berlin, as well programmed meetings and visits with the objective of continued innovations in products and presentations.