Melon and watermelon until September

Melon and watermelon season in Agroponiente in now in full swing, with the goal to continue consolidating its brands as a symbol of quality and flavor within international markets and repeat last years’ experience by extending its season along these two lines until September, as it has been requested by the market.

Commercial director, Manuel Martinez, states that “it is an important effort that saw positive results last year, always thinking in our clients, they have been requesting for years to increase our sales period in both melon and watermelon, two fruits that have become protagonist in terms on consumption, in Spain as in other European countries”.

Crop of watermelon in greenhouse of Agroponiente’s farmers.

Quality and flavor; these are the two premises that Agroponiente focuses on each year with respects to these products. According to CEO, Antonio Escobar, “these are fruits with flavor, like pastries, delicious for the taste buds. Our professionals know and care after each detail during the cultivation and harvest, collecting at its moment of full maturity and flavor. The harvest is handled in its entirety by professionals”.

Watermelon: ‘Premium by Agroponiente Gold Quality’, ‘Hortni’ and ‘Fashion’

Agroponiente commercializes dark watermelon (with and without seeds), stripped, crimson and mini. Its brands, from long ago, within this category are ‘Premium by Agroponiente Gold Quality’ and ‘Hortni’. Of them, Jose Miguel Fresneda, manager of the Nijar facility, states: “it’s a brand that we have spent years caring after, magnificently positioned and settled within the markets, thanks to the work of our growers and technicians who search out this special quality”.

Crop of melon in greenhouse of Agroponiente’s farmers.

Melon: Bombon by Agroponiente and social network competitions

Along melons, the company works with several varieties of Black or PDS melon, Yellow or Canary, Galia and Cantaloupe. Highlighted within this effort is the project of Bombon by Agroponiente, an example of how a brand can associate itself with parameters, in this case those of flavor.

‘Delicias’ and ‘Bombon by Agroponiente’ are the traditional brands for melon. Agroponiente has been a pioneer in associating a brand with each lot of melon and under specific flavor conditions by measuring sugar levels in the farms where they are being grown. Antonio Roman, responsible for supply, notes that “in this way, the consumer knows what they buy and what to expect of the flavor. We guarantee flavor, given that each lot from each farm, undergoes an intense study by our cultivation and harvesting experts, guaranteeing that each piece corresponds to the exact level of sweetness desired”.