We launch new line of tropical products

Grupo Agroponiente has just launched its new line of tropical and exotic products, a new product innovation that joins the rest of its portfolio, in the line of improving and expanding its service and the possibilities that offers both farmers and customers.

This new product line is collected under the umbrella of a new brand, ‘Tropical Poniente’, and will be integrated by three products initially. In principle, the catalog of tropical produces begins with papaya, avocado and mango.

Manuel Martínez Daza, commercial director of Grupo Agroponiente, explains that “this launch is the result of many months of intensive work, market research, acquisition of values and knowledge by our Technical department and customer relations to set up a Commercial line of absolute guarantees. Grupo Agroponiente is a company with sound, tradition and prestige and, therefore, its entry into such a specific line of products like this will be done with total guarantee and solvency, as everything that is done in this company. No doubt this is just the beginning and there is a long way to go, but so far, what has been achieved is to design a product line that is sure to enter with force and safety in the market.”

New line Tropical Poniente for tropical products from Agroponiente.

Catalogue of tropical produces

In the case of papaya, production will be national (Almería, Granada and Canarias) and imported from countries like Costa Rica and Brazil, with an initial production schedule between April and August in local production and the rest Of months of the year with import product. The varieties that will include Amira, Intenzza, Sweet Mary and Caballero. Grupo Agroponiente plans to work both large and small calibers, to respond to the Spanish market and the rest of Europe. In addition, the Technical Department of Agroponiente will carry out a supervision work to be able to respond to the different levels of maturation and color demanded by the different markets, guaranteeing a flavor of between 12 and 14 Brix.

In the case of avocado, the different cultivation areas in which production has been planned, with special volume in the area of the Andalusian Coast, have made it possible to offer the commercialization of this product during the twelve months of the year. Also guaranteeing high quality standards thanks to the structure of collection centers in the production area and to the four packaging familities available to the company. In addition, products from Peru and Chile will also be marketed.

Finally, the handle begin marketing during the month of September and will also have to Almeria as its main territory of cultivation. Also in this case, the mango that Agroponiente sells under the brand ‘Tropical Poniente’ will come from both the Tropical Coast of Andalusia and from importation, in this case from Brazil and Peru.