Organic cucumbers and California peppers

The organic niche is a reality. The entire market has known this type of product and consequently there has been a significant growth for its demand.

Organic refers to vegetables obtained under ecological growing systems –without using any chemical but natural and organic materials. According to the European Union in 2014, in just one decade cultivated ecological land has changed from 5,7 hectares to 9,6 and so, it could be establish that in nine years, cultivated organic land has increased to the pace of 500,000 hectares per year.

In Almería, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Rural Development has estimated that since 2006, organic production (both agricultural and livestock) grew by 19%, an increase that compared to the latest annual survey becomes a 10, 7%. In fact, specifically for the vegetables production, the growth has been estimated by 61, 67% for the last annuity.

Organic pepper in a greenhouse.

Unstoppable reality

Data reflects an uncontroversial as unstoppable reality: the organic niche is growing and this takes place because Europe is demanding it. In a society increasingly concerned about health and its effects depending on our diet, organic food is unavoidable starting to be fully implemented.

In response to this,  Agroponiente, being a sensitive company for almost 30 years now both to market demand and to the improvement of health and diet of people, could not have done anything else than being involved in this process.

In fact, for this campaign, Agroponiente has reinforced its bet for the marketing of organic products in a firm and resolute way, reaffirming and deepening already taking place processes, marking specific objectives for the short and medium term, and using some of its budget to ensure results.

Organic cucumber in a greenhouse.

Specific bet

So facing this campaign, Agroponiente has invested 5000,000 euros to strengthen its entire production and commercial structure to meet the expectations and demands of its customers for the ‘bio’ product. It also has reinforced its professional structure for this segment, leading now by Diego Gómez Oller, a senior professional within the organic sector.

The medium-term objective is to present a solid and satisfactory offer to the market for the company’s full range of products, and as Agroponiente’s corporate philosophy always envisages a gradual and balanced growth, in this first campaign the activity will start mainly being focus on the Almeria Cucumber and the California Pepper.

Clients and growers

This positioning of Agroponiente is not a result of a promptly drive but the result of a work-study and exploration of the horticultural entire channel: from market demand and its characteristics, to the needs of our growers for exploring this tendency as present and future development.

Therefore, during this summer, several meetings have been conducted with growers for several purposes. Firstly to explain in detail the whole project, secondly to show its characteristics and finally to plan with certainty and harshness all the resources to confront the campaign.

Agroponiente, being faithful to its business idea and philosophy as a company, undertakes this new project totally safe, having it previously settled with studies and gradual consulting in order to give short but firm steps as an experienced solvent company should do. A gradual but unstoppable process: ‘Organic, welcome to Agroponiente; Agroponiente, welcome to organic farming’.