Organic production: keys and advice

Organic production is a new scenario in the agricultural business that it is obtaining great importance, forecasted to be crucial in the present and future of the sector. From this point, Agroponiente is putting more effort to develop these products lines, always with the solvency, potential and efficiency that are characteristics of the company.

Within that commitment to organic production, Agroponiente has a gradually increasing project for the production and merchandise of these products, and so, the company keeps developing new actions plans with its growers.

One of those actions was a conference aimed to know deeply about the peculiarities of this type of production, where producers were able to exchange their views with experts.

The talk included speeches by Antonio Escobar, CEO of Agroponiente; Diego Oller Gomez, technical manager of the Biological production of the company; Fernando Moral, from the University of Almeria; José Luis Lao Lazarus, responsible for organic production in Agrocolor; and Gregory Monsalvo from Agrotec Consulting, all along with members of the Commercial, Technical and Field departments of Agroponiente.

Antonio Escobar and Diego Oller were next to representatives of the UAL, Agrocolor and Agrotec Consulting.

The importance of the Bio

Diego Oller Gomez said: “since 1987, Agroponiente works with a team of loyal professional farmers and a customer database that relies on the good work of them and the company. Our organic production project requires not only the involvement of growers, but also good business relationships in the market. The biological production is a present and future bet for the company which is trying to get more growers and clients for it. Agroponiente has already 70 hectares for the production of these products and 20 more that are being adapted, with a total of 60% for cucumbers and pepper. Little by little other products will be added to our organic catalogue.”

Fernando Moral from the UAL spoke about ‘Production Bio Model’ and highlighted the importance of the soil and its special treatment for organic production. In fact he stated: “fields management is the base for organic production. There are not two exactly alike soils, and if a good work is done the savings will be huge. One of the secrets is the strength of the root and the maximum use of it properties.

José Luis Lao Lazarus, responsible for the organic production in Agrocolor, talked about “Quality systems in the Bio production ‘and stressed the importance of having the organic certification. Explaining the process to certify ecological farming he said: “For markets, consumers, the administration and farmers, certificates are the authentication of how works is in the Bio sector”.

Gregorio Monsalvo from Agrotec Consulting, dealt with the topic ‘Present and future production of bio in Almeria’. He advised that: “it involves the preservation of natural resources, diversity and respect for the final customer. Almeria is the leading exporter of organic farming and the benchmark for Europe. Such project in Agroponiente is going to make better profits for the fields. Training is a priority and the company is going to be with its growers, giving them its advice and support for this type of projects”.