Outdoor summer production

When a company like Agroponiente exceeds the 300 million kilos marketed, it works with the most important commercial operators of Europe and serves daily product, the service, the total availability and the capacity to respond to the demands of the client is an absolutely fundamental element.

The recognition that these operators and clients have towards Agroponiente and to its farmers supposes a ‘status’ that must be maintained and this obliges to always offer the same and high level of service and quality.

That is why, four years ago, Agroponiente started a project to guarantee the supply of products to our customers throughout the year. After an in-depth study of the situation, we understood that it was going to mean looking for new productive areas during certain months of the year, especially those with more heat.

In this effort of customer service, but also to ensure their confidence in our work and, therefore, to retain them as customers for our farmers, this summer outdoor crops project was born.

After four years we can say that the project is fully consolidated. We have five collection centers in operation and a production system that works every day uniting different points of the geography of Almeria, Granada and Jaen.

During the summer months, in the area of Zújar, we produce tomato pear, in Pozo Alcón and Padul pepper of a very high quality and in Zafarraya mainly courgette and green tomato. In Gérgal, specialties like black tomato or cherry of different colors. And in Canjáyar, an extensive production of beans, as well as peas and mangetout.

Very soon, from the month of May when the first productions of Zújar arrive, it will begin to put on the market all this product coming from these productive zones. It will be extended throughout the summer, moving the product every day to our central facilities. This serves to close the product cycle throughout the year.