Producers from the five continents visit us by the hand of Rijk Zwaan

The visit made by the expedition of producers from around the world, in the hands of Rijk Zwaan, to our facilities, is part of a round that is taking place these days and that has as its object to publicize the Almeria model in several parts of the world.

They came from countries such as China, Greece, Italy, Japan, South Africa or Iran, among others, and have visited both yesterday and today the central facilities of Agroponiente. The purpose of the visit, which has been produced by the seed multinational Rijk Zwaan, was to transfer to them and, through them, to their countries, the production and model of Almeria and more specifically of a company as Agroponiente.

Producers from all over the world visit our facilities.

The visits have been carried out by the Marketing Manager of Agroponiente, Andrea Alonso, and have meant that the guests visit the company’s premises, receiving explanations on matters related to production, logistics, sales systems, typologies packaging, relationships with buyers and customers, the route of the genre within the facilities and the quality controls to which it is subjected.

The visitors have raised a lot of questions about the peculiarities of the commercial and productive structure, as well as various details regarding the work model that is developed in Agroponiente, being able to see in situ all the processes developed with it.

For Agroponiente, this type of collaborations with prestigious companies in the sector are always beneficial for a company like this, that every day is concerned to be at the forefront of all the innovations of the sector and to seek the most advanced and beneficial for its farmers.