Sample of tropical products at Agroponiente

Farmers, clients and employees of Agroponiente have enjoyed a sample of the new line of tropical products of Agroponiente.

This morning, Agroponiente’s workers, customers, buyers and farmers have been at the sample of the new line of tropical products of the firm. In particular, the papaya and the mango have been the main characters of the sample that has been celebrated with success at the industrial unit of Agroponiente, at La Redonda.

The people attending have enjoyed the amazing quality of these tropical products that Agroponiente commercialize, with origin in the Costa Tropical of Andalusia, Almeria and some south american countries. In particular, they have been able to try out dry and fresh mango and also some recipes prepared with papaya, dry and with oil and juices.

Sample of mango and papaya at Agroponiente’s facilities.

As it is known, Agroponiente has launched this campaign about their new line of tropical products with the name of ‘Tropical Poniente’, which includes mangos, papayas and also avocados. The company has future goals about expanding this kind of products, replying to a trend that has been increasing in the markets.

The event of this morning has been useful, not just for getting together and creating a community, but to try out the satisfaction of everyone that tries out these fruits, not only we see how their demand is increasing but also they have turn into a key element of the gourmet and creative cuisine.