Ready for spring season of melon and watermelon

Grupo Agroponiente already prepares the beginning of the sale of melon and watermelon, for this season of Spring-Summer. A season for which production is expected to increase in terms of watermelon and maintenance in terms of melon. Specifically, the company forecasts around 50 million kilos in watermelon and about 20 in melon, which include both conventional and ecological productions.

The season will begin concretely at the end of this month of April, for both melon and watermelon. During these weeks, all the technical and human infrastructure of Agroponiente works hard to ensure that all processes are carried out optimally, ensuring quality and taste.

Manuel Martínez Daza, Commercial Director of Agroponiente says that “what is to come is only the culmination of the process, since we have been working for months to get our production to respond to the commitments we have made with our customers. Agroponiente has been maintaining this commitment for three decades and working with a philosophy of its magnificent farmers, according to quality, service, excellence, commitment, solvency and total seriousness. That is why each season continues to consolidate business relationships with the most important customers in Europe and increase our production thanks to farmers and customers who trust us.”

La Premium de Agroponiente Gold Quality Watermelon.

A series of processes that, as in the rest of the production of Grupo Agroponiente, are at all times supervised by the Technical Department and the Quality Department of the company. This process will culminate with the study for the election of the ideal cutting point, which is carried out by Agroponiente specialists, with years of experience. One hundred percent of the melons and watermelons that Grupo Agroponiente sells are cut by the members of this team of professional cutters, which guarantees that the moment is chosen according to its optimum point of maturation and, therefore, of flavor.

The planned calendar for the marketing of melon and watermelon extends from the present month of April, until next October. To be able to cover all these demands of the customers, in terms of spring products, Grupo Agroponiente counts on diverse productive zones distributed by the Spanish geography.

As for watermelon, another year will be commercialized several varieties: black watermelon, Fashion watermelon, Crimson watermelon, white seedless, yellow watermelon and mini watermelon. All of them will be marketed under the brands Hortni, the Premium of Agroponiente, Gold Quality and Poniente, and, of course, Fashion watermelon. The destination of this production will be the whole European continent, including Spain, with a total volume that is estimated in those 50 million kilos and a start of production in large volume by the middle of May.

Bombón de Agroponiente Black Melon.

With regard to melon, it is anticipated that the commercialization will start between the end of April and the beginning of May, depending on the variety. Specifically, with brands such as Poniente and Bombón de Agroponiente, the varieties of Black Melon and Cantaloup will begin to be commercialized at the end of April, Galia melon in early May and Yellow melon in the middle of that month. Global melon production is expected to be slightly higher than last year, with significant increases in Galia melon and also higher production in Black melon. Also in the case of melon, production will go to practically all European countries, including the Spanish market, where Black Melon will have a special role.

Grupo Agroponiente will also have production of both organic melon and watermelon. The ecological varieties of melon will be Yellow and Black Mini Melon, while watermelon will be the Mini Watermelon. All this production, will be commercialized like the rest of the ecological products, under the mark Bio Poniente.