Visit of a delegation of Japanese producers

The facilities of Agroponiente have been the scene of a very unusual visit, in particular of an expedition from Japan and integrated by both agricultural producers and leaders of trading companies and the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture itself.

The visit was framed in a program of trips destined to know deeply models of production and, in this case, of the intensive agriculture under plastic of the province of Almería and in particular of the municipality of El Ejido.

Visit of japanese farmers and a member of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture.

The members of the visit have their farms and businesses in areas of Japan such as Kochi, Kumamoto and Miyazaki and a member of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Takahashi Tatsunori, has also been part of the expedition.

In Agroponiente, the expedition has been able to receive a slight explanation about the history, characteristics and peculiarities of the company. They have also visited the facilities and have been particularly interested in aspects such as quality control to which fruits and vegetables are subjected. They have also met quality certificates that the company owns and its method of operation and, of course, everything related to logistics and product control.

All the members of the expedition have been very interested in the details regarding the model of production, sale and logistics carried out by Agroponiente and have been able to see their doubts and questions satisfied in the tour of the facilities. They have also received a gift from the company, who will accompany them on their return to Japan.