Recycling electronic devices to raise funds earmarked for the Spanish Federation of Parents of Kids with Cancer

The recycling of electronic devices has been useful to raise funds which have been earmarked for the Spanish Federation of Kids with Cancer

Agroponiente, as an innovative and committed company, has carried out a campaign based on recycling electronic devices, in collaboration with the firm ‘Redeem Group’, in order to give a second life to the elements which have no longer use for the company.

This ensures that the future of these components won’t be a focus of contamination, but quite the opposite so, this way, through recycling, these materials will be useful for other type of equipments.

Furthermore, this initiative has a solidarity component, since the donation of these technological materials has provided economic revenues that Agroponiente has allocated for charitable purposes, in particular to the Spanish Federation of Parents of Kids with Cancer.

Beyond the quantity collected through the act of recycling, Agroponiente wants to emphasise the importance of companies and individuals having the recycling process as a corporate, personal and sustainable philosophy; and, like in this case, taking all the opportunities that can be useful for these type of causes that need our help through associations like the Spanish Federation of Parents of Kids with Cancer and many other which could need any type of collaboration.