The Spring campaign is already been prepared

Thinking in January about both melon and watermelon and Spring and Summer campaigns seems unusual but it is absolutely necessary. After 29 years, planning each campaign, Agroponiente has common elements which are standardized but has also others changing each year.

Within schedule and standardization are planning dates. In these months when is still experiencing cold weather, our Technical, Commercial and Field departments are already working hard, together with farmers and customers, planning how will the Spring campaign.

Accordingly, it has been decided that as previous years, Agroponiente is going to face this spring campaign mixing its ‘360’ products (mainly tomato, cucumber, pepper, zucchini, eggplant and beans), which are grown during the whole year, and seasonal fruits (melon and watermelon), which are presented as a challenge for the company but also as an important service for its growers and demanding clients.

Melon campaign in Agroponiente.


Another year, it is expected a relative increase in the production of seasonal fruit, mainly due to the double cycle crops, and a difficult year for certain products, especially zucchini which has experienced problems arising from the lack of cold weather.

As usual, Agroponiente is already working on the preparation of programs and production schedules, through joining meetings between departments and studies of market demands, and also through analyzing which are going to be the chosen crops.

The goal is to maintain the total efficiency when being prepared for this forecasted increase in volumes.

Watermelon campaign in Agroponiente.


Of course, Agroponiente has continued working on the strengthening of its quality control, especially for melons and watermelons, two fruits that in terms of quality are linked to their harvesting.
“All our crops are managed by professionals of these fruits, ensuring the optimum moment of maturation,” said Manuel Martinez, commercial manager of Agroponiente.

Our company will continue with the marketing of its usual products lines, such as ‘Quality Gold’, which last year also included watermelon; ‘Poniente’, ‘Delicias’ and ‘Hortni’ for watermelon and ‘Bombón de Agroponiente’ for melons. All those lines are complementing the ‘Fashion’ watermelon, highly trade by this company and a new one, ‘Bio Poniente’, a new private label for our organic production.