We take part in the Healthy Week of Luz del Mar High School

Agroponiente has collaborated, one more year, with the celebration of the Healthy Week of ‘Luz del Mar de El Ejido’ High School, in particular, on the sample of watermelon and melon, which has been the last activity at the ending ceremony. The event has been celebrated in collaboration with ‘Cruz Roja’, El Ejido’s Goverment, ‘Colega Almería’ Association, the National Police and companies such as Agroponiente.

The Healthy Week has different kinds of activities, from healthy recipes in English and French to talks about sexual diversity, cyber-bullying or romantic and sexual relationships; voluntary work, and even a solidary race and a healthy breakfast.

Celebration of the Healthy Week at Luz del Mar High School.

Furthermore, the activity has been charitable, every class has taken part in a competition where they had to donate to Cruz Roja, the winning one has been honoured at the end of the week.

Agroponiente did not want to miss this week about health, diversity and solidarity. For a firm like ours, supporting initiatives about education and health is something to be proud of.

Healthy breakfast at Luz de Mar High School.