Agroponiente receives the recognition of the mutual insurance company ‘Muprespa’

Agroponiente was one of the award-winning firms at the ceremony in which the mutual insurance company ‘Fraternindad Muprespa’ gives recognition to those companies which, in Almería, are experts on risk prevention and, because of this, their employees get to have zero accidents at work.

Agroponiente’s Human Resources Manager, Antonia Rubio, was the person in charge of receiving the recognition for the firm’s politics of risk prevention at work, in a ceremony in which there were more than thirty companies from Almería.

Antonia Rubio, Human Resources Manager, receiving the award

‘Fraternidad Muprespa’ was the one who gave the award, the mutual insurance company which Agroponiente works with, in the name of the General Managment of Social Security, and it is a big honour for the firm, since it involves a appreciation of all the work that Agroponiente has done in a matter which is, without a doubt, the most important part of the firm: the people.

When Antonia Rubio was given the award, she acknowledged the implication of “Agroponiente’s team, whose members are the true main characters who have made this possible, in a field that important like health and prevention”.

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