Cucumis sativus

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This is a cornerstone product in the Agroponiente catalogue. Several reasons are behind it, starting for our experience and production potential, followed by our achieved standards of excellence and natural methods of production and finishing by our ability for supplying this product during 365 days a year.

Did you know?

It is an easily digestible vegetable which neutralizes acidity and is effective for many kinds of health problems. Water is its main component and their energy and nutritional values are low.

Among the vitamins are most notably folic acid and vitamin C. Potassium, phosphorus and calcium are the most noteworthy. Furthermore, cucumbers with skin have higher nutritional content and fiber and vitamin A, which can be lost when is being peeled.


Cucumber is one of the most harvest vegetables and consumed all around the world. This vegetable is very healthy and nutritious and can be consume in a salad, either accompanied by other vegetables or alone.

It is in the skin where it is the highest concentration of ascorbic acid and caffeic acid. To consume peel cucumber, we can use cheese grater to scratch the skin easily and add to salad.


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Pest control with beneficial insects.

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Crop harvest in the greenhouse.



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