Green Beans

Phaseolus vulgaris

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Green Beans


Agroponiente produces a wide range of types of this traditional Almería crop, with extremely high standards of quality, and with production located in the best regions of south-eastern Spain, including a high-altitude crop marketed under the name of ‘Sierra Beans’.

Did you know?

Green beans has fewer calories because its main component is water. Besides its fiber it helps regulate cholesterol and sugar.

Also, its contains antioxidants and vitamin C, that protect against cancer and degenerative diseases. Green beans are also rich in potassium, that means its has diuretic and purifying effect, helping to eliminate fluids.


Once home, you should get the green beans in a perforated plastic bag and keep them in the warmest part of the refrigerator. Thus, they retain all its qualities over a period of five to ten days.

If you want to keep frozen, should be previously blanch for about three minutes. Blanching is done after cutting if the cut is transverse or earlier if the cut is longitudinal.



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