Solanum lycopersicum

Avaible All Year
Avaible Ecological
Round or Long-life
Salad Tomato
On-the-vine Tomato
Plum Tomato
Intense Plum
Caniles Plum
Raf Tomato
Long-Life Ribbed
Cherry Tomato
Penjar Tomato



We grow and market a wide range of tomatoes, both in the Poniente and West of Almería and also in the so-called Vega de Almería, La Cañada and Campo de Níjar. We are also part of the PGI Tomatoes‘La Cañanda’, a geographical protected zone recognized by the European Union.

Did you know?

The tomato is considered a major source of health for the body that nature offers. They are scientifically proven its qualities from physical problems, from various cancers to cardiovascular and free radical protection.


The tomato is used throughout the world, in fact it is the most consumed vegetable, and is essential in Mediterranean cuisine.

Raw, peeled and clean seed, is involved in all kinds of salads as an essential component being the key ingredient of many sauces and condiments. It is also used for cooking cold creams, including the famous “Gazpacho Andaluz” or “gazpacho”.

Juice, alone or seasoned with salt, pepper, herbs, etc. It is refreshing and nutritious, even being used also for cocktails.



Ready to sow.

Jose María Morales

Integrated Pest Management

Pest control with beneficial insects.

Jorge Fortes


Crop maturity.

Merche González


Crop harvest in the greenhouse.



Ready to send to any country.

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