Tropical fructus

Sweet Mary or Caballero Papaya
Intenzza or Alicia Papaya
Hass Avocado
Osten Mango
Kent Mango
Keitt Mango
Palmer Mango



We started working on a new line of tropical fruit together with our farmers, always guaranteeing the highest quality. The product originates in Spain, more specifically in the provinces of Almeria, Granada and Malaga.

Did you know?

We are working on a new line of tropical and exotic fruit to give maximum service to our customers. We have all the quality certifications for our production and commercialization, not only nationally but also internationally, guaranteeing above all its quality and freshness.

In the current catalogue of tropical fruits are products such as papaya, mango or avocado. We are working to increase both the products and the production, thus satisfying the needs of the market and consumers.


Papaya is a semi-sweet fruit exquisite because of its freshness and its known antioxidant power. It is a very functional fruit since it can be eaten in several ways, alone or adding its pulp to fruit salads, smoothies with various fruits or juices.

The mango is rich in vitamin C, it also has a good amount of minerals like calcium, copper, magnesium and potassium. And the avocado is rich in Omega3 that takes care of our cardiovascular system avoiding that we accumulate detrimental fats that can cause us diseases.



Papaya cultivation in greenhouse

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