A serious and clear line of work for the organic production

For those who have spent many years working and investing in the organic production, the fact that a company like Agroponiente develops a serious and solid line in this field becomes something to highlight. Firstly because this shows that main companies in the business recognize that ecological is the future, and secondly because their help will completely set the grounds for it.

The line of work that we have established in Agroponiente is simple and truthful to the principles of the company, which are well known in the industry: gradual progression, security in a much studied project, and full transparency to the farmer and also to customers, who have asked us for this product. But above all, two pillars: innovation as the philosopher’s stone and hiring of the best professionals, trained and expert who guarantee the success of the company.

No doubt, therefore, that the Agroponiente commitment to organic production has a double importance: Internal on the one hand, as the company is deeply committed to introduce in its structure the elements needed to undertake this project, and external on the other, because the company has a lot to add to the market within this sector.

And how are we going to do it? We are going to starting by having in mind that all factors are suggesting the organic production as the future. This is the example of laws, which are being changed to ensure food safety, and since this point of view, organic is a rising value.

Since 1991, EU laws on aquifers pollution by the use of nitrates in the fields have undergone several postponements in 2010 and 2014, but now, in 2016, the decision of the European authorities has become a real fact, and production, markets and consumer will be suffering the positive consequences of it.

Also, apart from laws, ecological production offers many benefits also for all the agents involved in the horticultural process, from production to final consumer.

The first of those benefits is money. The ground of organic is land, which has to be reinforced in order to be strong enough for the growth of fruits and vegetables, and this, means an importance saving on fertilizers and similar.

Indeed, talking again about legislation, fertilizers are becoming more restricted by authorities looking for greater food safety. This healthy concept is directly involved with the strengthening of the land to reinforce the plantation, and this is ecological production.

Undoubtedly, another benefit is sustainability. Nobody doubts about the fact that a well- resourced soil is able to feed the plants by itself, and this is much more sustainable in the medium and long term. That results not only in the health of consumers, but also on the viability of farms and our production system.

Of course, it is also a benefit the new relationship criteria between the agents of the processes involved. Organic production gives an argument in favor of food safety and health to customers, and this argument is also related to marketing, the responsible department to give additional value to the product.

This step has been done already, Agroponiente has been for a long time receiving demands for an ecological production, requests that are changed into new marketing lines in the markets.

My prediction is that this new marketing lines of ‘additional value’ will be the only one in a near future, a must for both legislation and profitability starting for growers. Therefore, being faithful to our principles and trying to be anticipated to the future we have bet for this type of production, trying to please our farmers and having a work formula which mixes transparency, seriousness, solvency and service.