In Germany they know how we work here

I am German and live in Spain for many years now. I am happy here, I like Spain and Almeria and surely this will be my home for long.
However, I keep and will keep maintaining contact with my country, with my family and friends there in Germany

Also have many years working in the fruit and vegetable sector and when I go to my country or talk to my friends and family, usually talk about what we know here as ‘Europe’s pantry’ and there, in good part, too.
My compatriots know very well where Almeria is, know the importance of this land in European markets and are aware of how it works here.

The Germans, like the English, Dutch or the Danes know what they want, what they ask for fruit and vegetables. And I have the great fortune to work in a company that knows how to listen, that makes a great effort to always keep alive the communication channels with those who destined production.

In Europe, as in Spain, markets are very demanding, rapidly evolving, know what they want and are not willing to accept what they do not want. The life of international operators is very fast and those who aspire to be their suppliers have only two alternatives: either add to that speed or miss the opportunity.

Being German, I can safely say that Agroponiente, which next year will celebrate its 30th anniversary, has known at this time generated an extraordinary ability to adapt to the speeds that are required.

And I can say that the way of working of Agroponiente, caring quality above all, subjecting all its production both mandatory controls as those applying our customers and also own the company, reacting quickly to market demands in general and of each client and working adapting to what customers of our customers request to them, it is a formula that is perfectly suited to the way of thinking of these international operators.

And with all this, I have to say that all this is fine, but is merely fulfilling what is necessary to meet in order to continue working at the level that works Agroponiente, the answer is that markets expect.

Any carelessness, any time in which the guard down a little, any overconfidence can be fatal, but not only for a company like Agroponiente but for a productive zone as Almeria.

The maximum level of demand is out there, not only in Germany and Northern Europe, but also in our Spanish markets. That’s just where resides the great merit of our farmers, have maintained that extraordinary level for many years and continue to keep today, day after day without guard down at any time.