Investing in training is the best resource to improve professional development

A well trained and stimulated team, that renovates its abilities and knowledge often and has ambition to know more and be more efficient, is an guarantee of excellence for our clients and farmers. Agroponiente is a company that takes training seriously, as an improvement and professional development tool.

Agroponiente always has internal training plans and its main goal is to share with every part of the firm the values that make up the business philosophy: kindness, respect, solidarity and team work, to have great relationships with our farmers and clients.

Something to stand out is the important growth that the company has experienced in the past years, including the number of centers and the amount of the staff. Our training plan is essential to have a common philosophy between all the centers. The truth is that we are very satisfied and at the same time excited to see how the strategy is working and, most of all, to see the response of our professionals. Furthermore, we are including equality plans and familiar reconciliation in every department.

For example, the past weeks we have been doing this process with the area of manufacturing, from the Comercial department and the people in charge of each warehouse, until the handling and packaging staff, also the logistic department, with programmes whose contents have adapted to the necessities of each department and to the characteristics of their professionals.

This is a strategy that suppose a big budget for the company, but it is considered to be an inversion, not a expense; because we are improving the quality of the consumer and farmer service and, thus, we are investing in efficiency and the excellence of our firm. Our professionals are an important capital because they are the people in charge of satisfying farmers and clients. And we are going to keep investing.


-Written by Antonia Rubio, Human Resources Manager