Modernization and consolidation

Now that 2015 has passed, it is time to analyze and think about what that year has supposed for our sector, mainstay for the economy of Almeria and of our company. In that sense, we cannot hide the fact that 2015 has been an important year for Agroponiente in various ways. During this year, we have reinforced our structures to serve growers who at the end of the day are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.

For almost 29 years ago, Agroponiente has been always working with farmers. They are the center of our work and so we have continued planning and designing ways to be in touch with them and facilitate their work, always having in mind our possibilities and our modesty.

In 2015 occurred the same, and we tried to be focus again on this objective, analyzing the needs and demands of farmers and translating those conclusions to answers such the creation of a Procurement department, guiding the relationship with producers, analyses its situation and needs and designs proper actions for those.

In addition, throughout the whole year, we have strengthened our professional structure, with the addition of new and experienced professionals, always taking into account the objective of care and service that we have as our main premise.

Our investment on “human capital” was not the only one. We have also undertaken significant internal reforms regarding our infrastructure—new packing machinery was bought for different products, something that made possible for us to face the market demands and increase our possibilities to offer better profits to our farmers.

Another important issue this past year was the strengthening of our organic production. The ‘Bio’ segment has become a popup element in the markets, and companies such as ours cannot remain indifferent to this phenomenon. We have to back up our growers who wanted to dedicate their cops to this type of production.

Thus, we have strongly reinforced our structure for organic production, with the addition of an experienced professional, who is already directing, our ‘Bio’ center in Berja, where peppers and cucumbers are the main merchandise.

During all these previous lines, I am fundamentally listing implanted innovations that we have introduced in 2015. However, I still think that the main characteristic that gives value to Agroponiente is, above all, our ability to be renewed, adapted to markets, studying and analyzing them in order to take better decisions and, above all, to move all this work to the benefit of our farmers.

Earlier this season, we published the findings of a conducted analysis that showed the average campaign prices of products and the main reading of it was that Agroponiente has been above them in all the products it sells.

I have no doubt that our capacity for innovation, market research, customer relations, internal training and professionalism are the reasons why, and nearly three decades later, we are still there, being a reference for innovation, service and price.

There is just one thing that we cannot control, weather, which is an important factor for our business. For years, we have been living mild autumns and winters, something good for our business but disrupting for the normal rhythms of our fruit and vegetable production. Of course, also in this area, we are working to find the best solutions for what matters the most, farmers.

To finish, I would like to comment something that in my opinion is remarkable, the unification of Ecohal and Coexphal, which started in the 2015 and will be culminated in 2016. This is a phenomenon evidencing that differences between the different parts involved in the sector are becoming solved. Undoubtedly this joined work will make us better and stronger, and this, is my wish for this 2016.