Organic product: present and great future

During these weeks, Agroponiente has been holding several meetings with its growers to plan the cultivation campaign and the marketing of our organic vegetables.

The demand and implementation for ecological product is importantly growing in these recent years and there are now some predictions pointing out that its growth will be more exponential in the short and medium term.

The Agroponiente Group is used to always have an answer to demands, both of our growers and the market, and specifically of our clients. And under those terms, it is undeniable that organic farming is a trend that has become a demand for our clients.

Corporate characteristics of our company model our response to those market’s demands, being not big changes soon implemented in our production systems but a progressive evolution towards what the market is constantly demanding.

Demand for organic products is nowadays a reality and it looks like it is going to be stronger in the near future. Therefore, in Agroponiente we started to work long ago in this direction.

This work means planning and development of our organic product line to all levels, from working next to the grower to the study of the demand with our clients, always looking to define an action plan which year by year is becoming more relevant for our entire production.

Generally, planning meetings with our growers are our starting points. In these meetings, we analyze what the market is demanding from us, features of the product, benefits and advantages coming from these crops to the grower and development formulas internationally imposed.

Undoubtedly, we cannot predict the future, but as a company committed to our growers and customers, our duty is to be always analyzing the current situation so we could draw some conclusions that allow us to anticipate and provide satisfactory solutions for both of them.

We are on this path, and so far, the first very clear conclusion is that the organic product is going to be significantly developed and since that, Agroponiente has been yet prepared to do its best in every way.