The deep customer knowledge as a differential value in commercial work

Since five years ago, I have the satisfaction of being part of the Commercial Department of a company, Agroponiente, in which working hand in hand to deepen in aspects like fast answer, agile and efficient to the customer demands, in the quality of the product like value to consider and to move to the market, in the fast when solving problems and necessities of the customer and, in general, in the service like way to understand the relation with it.

For that, aspects like innovation, spirit of service, team work and the permanent education are fundamental elements in our professional staff, they are aspects on which one works in day after day and in a constant way.

And in addition, all of them are tools that allow us to know closely our customer, in order to have the maximum possibilities of answering to his expectations and maneuvering in an effective and instantaneous way in view of his needs.

However, if we speak about relations with the client and about elements that this one have in mind at the moment of planning his purchases and taking his commercial decisions, we are not going to hide that the price occupies a predominant place.

It neither is anything new nor has looks whom it is going to change in a decisive way. When purchase decisions are taken depending on the price, the maneuver margin and the aptitude to give value to his work diminishes in an important way for the commercial one.

In these five years, I could have known firsthand the effort of the company in planning lines in order that the relations with the customer are based on enough more aspects that the price, without careless this one, certainly.
In my case, for example, I deal with the commercialization of a product in our central facilities, in Polígono La Redonda, besides being specialized in customers of the Iberian market (national and Portuguese).

Like me, other companions deal with other countries and specialize themselves in other products, so that every commercial one of the company possesses a deep and singular domain of the work that it realizes, both in products and in zones of destination.
Because one of our basic obligations is to know in everything details the conditions of the markets, the evolution of the products and to be very friendly with the customers, being perfect dominators of their demands and their tastes, their preferences and their processes, their time and their priorities.

Our customers are conscious of the quality with that one works in Almeria in general and in Agroponiente especially, but our obligation is to work in order that all this adjusts to the maximum to their strategies and demands. And this way we do it, because only this way we have possibilities of obtaining a better valuation of our products that, in turn, is the best recipe facing situations of overproduction and saturation of markets like the current one.

As company of services, our obligation is to seek for the clients the products that better they adapt to their needs and, at the same time, to find the most suitable markets and the best valuations for our products. There is no doubt that these objectives can only be achieved with a deep knowledge of both production and markets.