Melon an unsurpassed level of excellence

Jose Ruiz is responsible for the oversight of our melon production and along these lines gives the keys as to why the Bombon de Agroponiente has reached its current level of quality.

He oversees Agroponiente´s melon production and has an in depth understanding to the processes and secrets of growing this fruit. A part of the production that the Agroponiente Group has bet on very strong in recent years by enhancing the brand Bombon de Agroponiente through increased controls and measures to ensure melons are harvested in Gold category, depending on the sugar level.

Yellow melon of Agroponiente in a greenhouse.

“For us, the most important and first thing we need to know is the demand of the market. We have been cultivating melon for many years and working with the most prestigious commercializing firms of this fruit, with whom we have grown and thank them for their contribution”, said Jose Ruiz.
Today the melon and watermelon are two large bets for Agroponiente during the spring and summer of each year. Concretely, it has been five years since the company revolutionized the market with their bet to segment their melons, depending on the sugar level.

Why so sweet?

But the question is: why and how have they been able to achieve this level of flavor in melons? Jose Ruiz has the answer: “first is to bet for varieties that we know well, from years of experience, those that offer the results that we are looking for.

Black Melon in a greenhouse.

But it is also important the area of cultivation, that it meets the conditions and characteristics of the soil salinity and water suitability. And of course, the most important factor: the grower that dominates the technique, one that knows the melon and understands how to care for the crop so that it achieves maximum performance and the flavor we are looking for”.

The harvest, also key

Furthermore, the responsible for Agroponiente´s melon production highlights another important key for melon to reach optimum conditions for the market is: the harvest. “Without question, the most damage you can do to a brand, a company, a sales outlet is to harvest immature fruits. Melon has an ideal moment to be harvested and if this is done to early it will kill the flavor and inevitably the quality of the piece.

Agroponiente does not permit melon that has not been harvested by our professionals, those that have been in the business for years and know perfectly the ideal moment for each melon”.