Second day at Fruit Logistica 2017

Second day at Fruit Logistica Berlin 2017 and it is the second successful day at the stand of Agroponiente and Vegacañada (Grupo Agroponiente). We thought that a lot of people were going to attend to the biggest day of Fruit Logistica, and it did not dissapoint, there was much more public than the day before.

During the day, some important meetings have been carried out at the stand of Agroponiente-Vegacañada with different countries, specially Germany, scandinavian countries, Poland, the Baltic area, Italy and the UK, for which the professional team of Grupo Agroponiente has, again, stood out promoting and showing the products of our farmers.

Visit of El Ejido’s mayor, Francisco Gongora and the agriculture councillor, Manuel Gomez.



A day in which there were many more visits than the day before, such as the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Gongora; and the councillor of Agriculture, Manuel Gomez; managers from Cajamar, Miguel Rodriguez De la Rubia; or the deputy of Ciudadanos, Roberto Baca. We have to remember that, the day before, the stand received other visits from institutional representatives, such as the Agriculture councillor of the Junta de Andalucia, Maria del Carmen Ortiz; her delegate in Almeria, Jose Manuel Ortiz Bono; the deputy of Agriculture, Maria del Mar Lopez;  the culture deputy, Antonio Jesus Rodriguez; the mayor of Almeria, Ramon Fernandez Pacheco; and his councillors of Agricultire and Sports, Juan Jose Alonso and Juan Jose Segura.

Beside the commercial and business visits scheduled with clients, which are the main goal of the fair for Agroponiente and Vegacañada, many meetings have been carried out with clients interested in establishing collaborations with both companies. The line that has received more attention has been the ecological line, in which Grupo Agroponiente has been working with noticeable growth.

Visit of Cajamar with Antonio Castillo, Financial Manager of Agroponiente.

Commercial managers from countries of Noth and Central Europe have asked for information about the characteristics of the ecologic products. The financial manager of Agroponiente, Antonio Castillo, has stated that “undoubtedly it is a bet of our companies replying to what the market has asked for. Today, it is a small percentage of our commercial volume, it does not even reach the 5%, but it is true that it has been increasing for the last two years and the growth will continue’.

Antonio Castillo also said that ‘we know that this is the most important agricultural fair in the world and the environment and the amount of professionals is incomparable. There are more than 25 pavilions dedicated to the agriculture commerce and they are representing the five continents. Firms like Agroponiente and Vegacañada must show all their potential in these dates and, most of all, take advantage of Fruit Logistica to continue promoting the products of Almeria’.

On his behalf, Francisco Lopez Martinez, Manager of Vegacañada, has highlighted that ‘our philosophy is to be where the business opportunities are. Agroponiente and Vegacañada have been attending to Fruit Logistica for decades and this presence has been cooperative for many years. For companies like ours, these fairs are an opportunity to continue improving and promoting our products, through collaboration with clients who we have been working with for years, as well as looking for new markets that appear every year’.